FinArts for commercial art buyers / dealers

A commercial art buyer would like to acquire an art piece, but wants to spare their liquidity for further acquisitions. With FinArts they have the opportunity to finance the art purchase.
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FinArts creates more scope for art dealers with the interim financing of art

As an art dealer, you are constantly making purchase decisions. Having the ability to increase your liquidity makes purchase decision simpler. We offer traders the opportunity to finance their next purchase with a value of art up to a financing sum of 1 million euros.
Bridging finance for art dealers

As an art dealer, liquidity plays a crucial role. FinArts bridging finance extends your scope.

How it works:
Art dealer applications to FinArts are free of charge and without obligation.
Complete the credit application.
Select the maturity term and the credit amount.
As a rule, credit application decisions are made promptly. credit decisions are made short term. With approved funding, you can sign the purchase contract for the artwork.
The release of the payment occurs after the necessary documents have been through a plausibility check. After a positive check, the payment is made to the seller.
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