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FinArts offers financing concepts for galleries, art buyers and other players in the art market

When art wants to move something, it needs movement itself. FinArts creates movement and freedom. With the right financing concepts, we get things rolling. For artists, buyers, collectors and dealers.

Art acquisition financing for gallery customers

Complete financial solutions for your customers available in your gallery.

Trade Fair Finance

Finance your galleries next trade fair appearance with FinArts.

Bridging finance for gallery owners and art dealers

Finance the purchase of art with FinArts and get more financial leeway.

Leasing offers for galleries

Lease furniture, equipment or technology to create liquidity for your gallery.

Corporate financing for gallery owners

Whether expanding your business premises, or opening additional galleries, liquidity is crucial. We want to help you to get there.

How it works: our art purchase concept for galleries and art dealers


The gallery has a contract with FinArts and can access various financial products. For example: to provide art buyers with appropriate financing to complete the transaction on the spot.

Commercial art buyers

A commercial art buyer would like to acquire an art piece, but wants to spare their liquidity for further acquisitions. With FinArts they have the opportunity to finance the art purchase.

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